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Freedom To Express

An Expression Platform that is multilingual, visually attractive and socially integrated

Now you can express your views, interests and passion – unbounded . As well as get a relevant audience to consume and promote it for you

Be it an instant expression, a short story, a poem, a holiday, photos, memories, a point of view , reviews on events/movies its all happening here

So go ahead !! Indulge, get noticed and make Like-Minded connections

Expin.me Story Builder

Simple yet Versatile

The simplicity is in its drag & drop interface that gets you started in minutes and brings the focus on expression

It has various features such as photo/video uploads, background music, customizable themes,fonts and lots more to which reflects the mood of the story just the way you think and feel it

It has just the right level of customization to make beautiful Expressions that would represent You

Bonanza of Expression Goes Beyond...

Story Telling in a Group

We all love to tell and hear Stories in a group. Start a group with your closed ones and share experiences of moments that you relish most. Live and relive these moments on Expin.me.

Private Diary

Document memories before they fade in your online Journal with our private diary feature and access it as and when you desire.

Elite Story Teller

A good expression deserves greater recognitions. It needs to reach as many people as possible. Popular stories get rewarded with a tag of an ‘Elite Storyteller’.And are featured amongst top stories on Expin.me.

Do more with Expression...

Driving a Community

As a community leader, one of challenges is to engage members beyond meet-ups, grow by word-of-mouth and attract new visitors. Avail of expin.me open/closed or a secret community feature to do just that.


Have a great contest idea bring it on. Expin.me helps create contests, get participants and rate them with views and likes and select winners based on the quality of Expression.

Story Channel

Individuals, Celebrities, Communities can kick-start a Story Channel to reach fans and Expin.me subscribers . Whats more share, engage and seek feedback from your community.


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