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Friends & Family

You experience so many moments with small details to relish. Express these experiences in ​ form of a story and share with the closed ones. Live these moments now and Re-live them again in future with your friends and family.

You could create Secret groups for complete privacy. Alternatively, create a closed group so that your friends and family could join.

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Hobbies and Initiatives

Your passion and interests bring many stories of your experiences. You always wish to socialize these expressions with like-minded people and expand your network. Start or Join a group to inspire your hobbies and make others participate in your initiatives.

Open group makes it easy for you to increase the following and contributors to add stories. Closed group allows better manageability and showcase the Best Stories.

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Small Teams and Communities

Sharing once thoughts is very important; from Classrooms to Small Communities or virtual Teams to Start-ups. Ability to Journal thoughts, Story Board ideas and share experiences keeps conversations lively, learn and bring a change.

Look at your Group​ objectives and decide whether you would like to go for Secret or Closed or Open Group. Once you grow in size and establish yourself, you could use Premium Community features.

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Representing You in a Group.

Start now with unlimited number of groups, members and stories.

Open Group

  • Gets listed within "All Groups"
  • Contributors can express story with group Hashtags
  • Published stories are visible in Story Feeds
  • Group Page & Stories are accessible outside of
  • Administrators can remove abusive stories
  • Facilitates increase of followers

Closed Group

  • Gets listed within "All Groups"
  • All users can request for Memberships
  • Administrators can also invite members
  • Members can contribute stories and read Stories
  • Showcase the Best Stories from members
  • Only Group Page and showcase stories are accessible outside of
  • Increase awareness of a group but keeps conversations private

Secret Group

  • Identity is not listed anywhere for others.
  • Administrator/s can only invite members
  • Only members can contribute stories and read Stories
  • Stories are view-able only on
  • Perfect for Complete Privacy